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Security Alarms

Our core business has become the installation of Intruder Alarm Systems, 50% of which are luxury new homes from 5000 sq ft upwards. Properties of this type are fitted with full perimeter protection as standard, which gives the customer personal protection as well protecting the contents of their property. These systems also contain interior motion and smoke detection.

For those on a smaller budget ADS specify interior motion detection systems. These easy to use systems can still afford the user day and night protection of their property if required.

We recommend that our systems are connected an alarm receiving centre providing the end user with a rapid response from the emergency services in the event of a genuine activation of their system


The European Standards incorporate the principle of grading systems in terms of their security provision and classifies systems into four Grades (Grade 1 being the lowest), based on the skills resources and determination likely to be brought to bear by, criminals at each level of risk.

These Grades are based on operational requirements concerning matters such as resistance to compromise, performance and resilience necessary to defend the risk against the expected severity of attack, They influence the design of all the important components - detectors, control equipment, connections, power supply and signaling, The Grade of the system overall is governed by the rating of the lowest graded component

Grade Selection

Grade 1 offers significantly lower protection than that demanded originally by BS 4737 and is thus is unlikely to be acceptable where an alarm is a requirement for insurance purposes.

Grade 2 is similar in some respects to intruder alarms installed to the original BS 4737, but does not require certain features that have become expected in systems installed in the UK. Insurers normally accept Grade 2 systems for general household risks and low risk commercial premises.

Grade 3 equates in most respects to the majority of systems that are currently installed in commercial premises in the UK, but requires enhanced movement detectors that have the ability to determine that they have been masked, that is, the detector has been covered or sprayed with a substance in an attempt to prevent its correct operation. Grade 3 is the grade of choice for intruder alarms in large domestic and most commercial premises and will be the safe default for installers uncertain of insurance requirements

Grade 4 equates to very high security systems originally BS 7042. A full range of grade 4 equipment is not yet available. The system would be based on Grade 3 equipment until all of its components could be changed as available to comply with Grade 4. It is expected that very few Grade 4 systems will be required to be installed by insurers.

Note: It can be difficult and expensive to increase the grade of an alarm system once it is installed. If the intruder alarm is a requirement of insurance the grade required should be checked with the insurer concerned before installation commences.


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