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What do we expect of
Security Systems in the UK?

(a) Any security system proposed should, we believe, be able to detect an attempt to gain unauthorised access at the earliest opportunity, and its approximate location on the premises. This serves --
  • To advise the police via a monitoring station of the attempt whilst it is still in progress and probably before access has been gained:
  • To scare off an intruder at the earliest moment possible, thus reducing any damage and loss.
  • To give an approximate location to the police, enabling them to go immediately to the area involved.
  • To enable the monitoring station to advise any occupants at night of domestic premises the whereabouts of any intruders so that they can be avoided.
For these reasons our clients often choose to install a Perimeter type system rather than the more common interior system. Whilst the initial cost is slightly higher the protection afforded is far greater and, when correctly designed and installed, is less likely to give rise to a false alarm calling the Police.
(b) Smoke detection should also be part of any monitored security system because, once a communication route has been set up between customer and monitoring station, why not use this to protect against the second biggest threat - FIRE.

Unless an independent Fire Alarm System is already installed, we always endeavour to provide interlinked Smoke detection, to cover any outbreak whilst the building is unoccupied.
(c) The overall running costs of the system, such as reset and call - out charges, must be taken into account in addition to the normal maintenance and monitoring charge. Some companies have excessive sundry charges. Time Consuming and costly visits to site are necessary whenever the smallest problem arises.

All of our systems are Up/Down-loadable so we can reset systems and carry out regular maintenance checks from our offices via a telephone line. This helps us to keep the charges our customers pay to a minimum whilst offering rapid response to any problem. Most other installer's systems cannot do this.

Just imagine needing help at 3am, with the alarm sounding, and being told that an engineer will be with you in 2 hours ! Not so with ADS.
(d) The security system should be able to monitor itself and to communicate any internal faults to the monitoring station. This is essential as most security systems are left unattended for long periods, guarding property whilst it is unoccupied, or whilst occupants are asleep, and at such times a fault light on a keypad or control panel is of no use whatsoever - no one will see it, perhaps for many hours, or even days. .

All our systems report serious faults, such as the failure of a back-up battery; the number and range of faults reported depends upon the size and model of panel installed. Such faults may then be attended to urgently - again sometimes this can be done remotely and whilst the premises remain unoccupied.
(e) If required additional Line or Dual-Path monitoring may be advisable to guarantee that the system cannot be compromised in any event.

Where required, we interface our systems with systems like RedCare or Dual-com to ensure that, whatever happens, a message gets through.
(f) A good security systems should also be able to interact with other everyday devices around the home or at work, whilst remaining easy to use. This leads us straight into -


When is a security system not just an alarm system?

When it can Switch on the Lights, Close the Curtains, Turn up the Heating, and Answer the Telephone for you!

What if you think you forgot to set your alarm?

Simple - Call home from any Touch Tone Phone in the World and check. Then, if you forgot, arm it yourself with your personal security code, or maybe just turn on your house lights and water the plants.

I expect that you're thinking this costs the earth?

Actually we have home automation accessories for our alarm systems starting from just 30.00 and attractive discounts on starter kits consisting of security systems with remote telephone access control.


In the workplace, ADS can also provide integrated monitoring of important items such as Refrigeration Plant, Heating Plant, Liquid Flow or Liquid Levels, and Gas Escapes, to name but a few. Whatever your monitoring needs contact us and we will try to help

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