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Closed Circuit Television Systems

With both the Commercial and Domestic CCTV markets having so many products on offer, all claiming to provide the best solution in the fight against crime, it is all to easy to make the wrong choice of equipment and end up with a system which does not work as expected or give the quality required for accurate identification of offenders.

If you are interested in installing a CCTV system to protect your property, stock and employees then we are here to help. We offer free advice on the best way to achieve useful CCTV surveillance within a reasonable budget.

We can install standard (deterrent) camera systems and covert (hidden) systems to provide either Black and White or Colour images. Any such system can be arranged to give Analogue or Digital signals. So, whatever you think you need in the way of CCTV coverage, get in touch with us and we will do our utmost to assist.

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Sight Witness

Is an event based wireless alarm system. The cameras are on only during an alarm event with a 10 second activation which reduces false alarms.

it is a completely wireless system, using batteries for it's control panel and periferals.

Click here for more information on the Sight Witness system.


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